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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ryan Hill who was born stillborn in United Kingdom on January 13th, 2006 . We will love and remember him forever.

We found out that I was pregnant in August 2005. I had miscarried in August 2003 @ 12 weeks so we were keeping our fingers crossed that everything would be ok. The pregnancy went along as normal with sickness and feeling tired and at our 12 week scan everything seemed to be ok, although my dates were put back 10 days as the baby was considered smaller than it should be for 12 weeks.

It was at the 22 weeks scan that out of the blue we were told that the baby had some 'abnormalities. Ryan’s heart was enlarged, there was fluid in his stomach and his kidneys were bigger than they should be. We were given an appointment to see a consultant a few days later where she confirmed the findings and made us an appointment to go to see a fetal specialist at Kings Hospital in London.

The next day we travelled up to London to have some tests and arrived at the hospital at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The consultants at the hospital were fantastic. They first scanned the heart which had formed properly but was just having to work harder than it should. We were then sent from room to room for more scans to try to find out what was wrong.

Because of his symptoms and the fact that my placenta was twice the size it should have been they at first thought that I may have caught the Parvo virus (or slap cheek) from the children I teach at school and that this was causing Ryan to be anemic. It was therefore decided to test Ryan’s blood for anemia and that the procedure would be carried out by Professor Kypros Nicolaides.

Professor Kypros was a remarkable man who helped to put us at ease during this difficult time. The procedure involved putting a needle through my stomach, into the uterus and taking blood from the umbilical cord. However the professor decided that Ryan would stand more chance if he took the sample directly from Ryan’s heart. If Ryan was to be anemic they would be able to treat him straight away by giving him a blood transfusion.

Unfortunately it turned out that Ryan was not anemic and the disappointment on the professor’s face said it all. This meant that Ryan’s condition was serious and more blood was taken to be sent off for tests. We were given a date a week later for the results of the test and went home at 8 o’clock in the evening.

When we woke the next morning I realised that I hadn't felt Ryan move since the procedure and decided to phone our local hospital who suggested we came in for a scan. That was when our worst fears were confirmed. Ryan’s heart had stopped. We warned about the risk of carrying out the procedure but it was Ryan’s only hope.

We were taken to a room where the midwife was very kind and caring and explained that I would have to give birth to Ryan 2 days later.  I was given a tablet to prepare my body for labour and we went home.

We arrived at the hospital two days later at 8.30 on Friday 13th January and were taken to a suite sponsored by SANDS (a charity for miscarriages, stillbirths and neonatal deaths). We waited there until 11.00 then taken down to the labour suit to be induced. Contractions started at 1.00 and Ryan was born at 6.35.

Our midwife Jenny was lovely. She stayed with us throughout the Labour and looked after Ryan once he was born. Ryan was dressed in a lovely blue gown and laid in a little basket so we could see him. He looked perfect laying there as if he was sleeping. Ryan stayed with us for the rest of the evening in his basket as unfortunately he was considered to fragile for us to hold.

At 10 o’clock I was taken to theatre as my placenta refused to budge and Aaron stayed in our room with Ryan. I was back by 10.30 and the midwife took some pictures for us to keep of our beautiful angel. Aaron went home just after 11.30 and I tried to get some sleep. A midwife took Ryan way to weigh him and make some hand and footprints for us to keep.

Aaron came back early the next morning with a teddy we had brought for Ryan and we had Ryan baptised by the hospital Chaplin. Then at about 11.30 we left the hospital which was the hardest thing either of us have had to do, leaving our baby behind.

We found out the following week from the tests carried out at Kings that Ryan had Patau syndrome. This is a chromosome disorder formed in the same way as in Downs, where the baby has 3 of the chromosome 13 rather than the 2 he should have, (in Downs it is the chromosome 21). Babies with Patau rarely make it to term and those that do not live long beyond birth. We were told by hospital that Ryan did well to survive 23 weeks as most babies with Patau miscarry long before. Ryan was our 'little fighter'.

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happy birthday   / Mummy
Happy 3rd birthday Ryan. we all miss you and wish you were here with us. Thankyou so much for looking aftter your little sister Emily and making sure she was born safely on 1st of Jan this year.  lots of love and floaty kisses from Mummy Daddy B...  Continue >>
I am deeply sorry   / Anna Young (Olivia Young's Mommy )
I am deeply sorry for your loss. He is so precious. I will forever keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as we grieve daily for our sweet angels. May Olivia and Ryan forever watch us from above with love.Anna Young
Happy Easter Ryan   / Annmarie Miller ^i^ Paul Patrick's Mommy (Angel Friend )
Thinking of you and your family with Love this Easter.The Family of Paul Patrick Miller
Happy Birthday   / Joseph (brother)
I love Ryan angel. Happy birthday I love you and you are my favourite angel and I know you love me. I hope you eat lots of ice cream Lots of Love fromJoseph xx
Happy birthday   / Bethany (sister)
Happy birthday Ryan Love from Bethany
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